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Fax Router is a viewer that allows a user to apply processing rules to a facsimile or PDF. These rules efficiently distribute faxes by email, to a printer or a file folder. Fax Router works by monitoring a folder for tiff images (facsimiles) and PDFs. When a fax arrives, a user is notified and they have the option of processing the fax now or waiting and processing it later. Once the fax is opened in the viewer, the user can quickly cycle through one of more of the facsimiles, entering a shortcut that applies rules for the delivery of the fax. The rules allow the facsimile to be converted to a PDF, sent as an email attachment, be placed in a shared folder with a hyperlink being sent to open it, the facsimile can be printed on one or more printers, it can be placed in a specific user's folder, or a note announcing the arrival of the fax can be sent to a user or any combination of the above all by entering a shortcut. As many rules as necessary can be created and applied to properly deliver the fax. Because Fax Router monitors a file folder for Tiff images and PDFs it can also be used to distribute files that are scanned on a network copier.

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